Expressing Political Views as a Craft Business Owner

Before turning her yarn dyeing hobby into an official business in 2014, Lisa Bass of White Birch Fiber Arts made her living as a newspaper editor. Working in journalism, Bass had to suppress her political views in the interest of neutrality.

As the owner of a craft business based in Vermont, Bass has found her niche by being vocal on LGBT rights and other hot-button political issues via her handmade creations.Bass says she has found a loyal customer base in knitters with similar political views. But for a sole proprietor or owner of a small company, taking a stand can also mean taking a gamble.

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Trend Report: Contemporary Paper Quilling

Does the term quilling ring a bell? You might have hazy recollections from the 1970s of colorful flower and butterfly designs composed of coiled paper strips. Or perhaps you remember cutting up a sheet of construction paper, rolling the pieces one by one on a pencil or toothpick, and pinching them into various shapes as a school art project. This paper craft fell out of favor for a few decades, but we’re happy to report that there is something of a quiet revolution going on in the quilling world.

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How to Curate a Successful Quilt Show

When Susanne Miller Jones retired as an elementary school teacher she became an art quilter. Her work is highly textured and very realistic. She’s also the curator of Fly Me to the Moon, a collection of art quilts made by artists from eight countries celebrating the moon walk. Susanne explains how she came up with the idea for a themed quilt show and the steps she took to make it a success. The show debuted at International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2016.

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