What’s New in Craft: Quilted Shoes

Shoes made from a sneaker kit with quilted panels sewn in are trending in quilting right now. Check out some of these great quilted projects that you can wear on your feet!

Valentine’s Trends for 2023

The trends for Valentine’s 2023 will fall into these categories: personalized couples gifting, Galentines, simplified romantic, Valentines’ humor, and nature Inspired.

Halloween Trends for 2022

We take a look at creative trends to expect this Halloween and how this holiday will return to pre-covid levels of popularity.

Yarn and Knitting Trend Report 2022

Trends aren’t just about what’s literally being shown on the runway. They’re a temperature check on people’s feelings about the recent past and near future. Here are some of the big trends in knitwear to watch over the next year, and the ideas driving them forward.

What’s New in Craft: Flower Pounding

Flower pounding requires only a few simple tools to create beautiful painterly prints on fabric, paper or canvas. We explore the many different applications including illustration, embroidery, sewing and fabric dyeing.

What’s New in Craft: Granny Squares

Although they’ve been around since colonial times, granny squares are new again! We explore modern applications of the granny square on unique items such as home decor, hair accessories, and sweaters.

Halloween Trends for 2021

We take a look at creative trends to expect this Halloween, including felt garlands, larger-than-life, contemporary harvest, warm metals, tapestries, earthly pastels, primary hues as accents, dried wilted flowers, witch hats, knitted pumpkins, apothecary, cyanotype and Halloween jewelry & accessories.

What’s New in Craft: Pressed Flowers

Pressing fresh flowers to preserve their beauty is a timeless craft practiced all over the world. In our latest trends post, we’re exploring modern applications of pressed flowers. Let’s take a look!

What’s New in Craft: Cyanotypes

Cyanotypes, a print made by placing objects like leaves and flowers on sensitive paper or fabric, have been around for a long time (around 150 years, in fact). What’s new is the interesting ways artists and crafts people are using this medium. We explore applications of Cyanotype in textiles, embroidery and mixed media print making in this What’s New in Craft.

What’s New in Craft: Decorative Collars

Crochet and knit collars are trending right now as a fun way to accessorize your outfit or use up spare materials. We round up some designs and patterns in this edition of What’s New in Craft.

What’s New in Craft: Market Bags

Open, airy market and tote bags are a spring and summer trend we have been seeing a lot of lately. Here’s a roundup of where you can find a stylish crochet or macrame bag, or learn to make your own.

What’s New in Craft: Embroidery on Knitting

Have you ever thought about embroidering your knits? Embroidered knits is a craft trend we are seeing everywhere. Here’s a roundup of where you can learn to do it, or buy a finished piece.

What’s New in Craft: Making Your Own Sandals

Have you ever thought about making your own pair of custom shoes? Sandal making is the latest craft trend we are seeing everywhere. Here’s a roundup of where you can learn the craft of shoe and sandal making.

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